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CFFXIV fishing gear advice needed

I'm just getting towards 50 and was wondering if anyone could offer some advice as to best gear etc? Or point me towards a good website. I've been searching but am still not sure. I'm aiming to fish ninja bette to desynth firstly.

Best gear for any Fisher starts with the Fisher's crafted AF gear and the relic fishing rod you get during the Lv50 Fishing quest.

For accessories, unlike other gathering classes, you want to avoid the GP accessories and actually go for the combat accessories. The reason for that is because Fishers don't use GP at all, and the materia meld rate on combat accessories for gathering and perception are significantly higher on DoW/DoM accessories than on GP accessories.

Once you get all of that, your focus should be on getting the Forager's Hat and Forager's Fishing Rod, which you can get by exchanging HQ Silver Sovereigns caught near Moraby Drydocks. I think it's 5 Sovereigns for the Hat and 20 Sovereigns for the Rod.

After that, I recommend getting the rest of the Forager's gear. That's going to require 3x Ehcatl Sealants and 1x Mastercraft Demimateria as the most expensive required materials. Unfortunately, CUL desynthesis does not grant any kind of demimateria, so you may have to rely on buying it outright.

Once you get all of the forager's gear, try to get it melded effectively. Once you do, time to get your Supra Relic, which will involve fishing up 2 HQ or 3 NQ Olgoi-Khorkhoi in the desert east of Forgotten Springs during a Heat Wave and 10 Fieldcraft Demimateria to exchange for the item "Talan's Seal of Fishing", then exchange that and 3 Mastercraft Demimateria for the Supra.

The final step is to get your Lucis Relic. That will require you to fish up 30 HQ Gigant Clams south of Costa Del Sol and procure 60 Glacier Crystals from a variety of methods such as Fishing Leves at St. Coinach's Find, exchangeable for GC Seals, exchangeable for Allied Seals, etc. The clams and the crystals will grant you "Talan's Seal of Fishing Mastery". Then you'll need that, your Supra Relic, and 20 Moonstone (which is acquired through the Ixali Beast Tribe quest "Deliverance" once per day, Treasure Maps, and GC Seals) to finally get your Halcyon Rod Lucis.

If you want to show off, you can also go after the Rod of the Luminary and the Ironworks Fishing Rod. But that's ultimately up to you best place to buy ffxiv gil.