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Plz FFXIV SE Do something about this silly quest

Posted by [email protected] on April 26, 2015 at 10:55 PM

SE this quest is becoming rediclus i heard horror story of people runing aurom vale 47 times. i am stuck with noob players trying to get the last one done now, its sunken temple hard. these players are new to game i find many FFXIV Gil of them here and we wiped on the 2nd boss so many times i tried to explain, but i am just a healer, i can barly heal myself in there let alone dps while i am usualy tanking most of the mobs . plz SE Do something about this silly quest, how many times do i need to run this dungen for a stupid drop , please do something nerf it next patch, this is redilcus....


i had this quest since the release of zodiac quest all my friends have finished one or even 2 of them and i still can't get it done, the RNG is just errible, and why the hell we must help new players to get a new weapon? shud not the weapon be linked to some end game challange? is the duty finder system not working SE? is it too boring for people to run the same dungen and again unlesss it's for a relic?


why don't get new ideas in the game, these dungrens are clearly boring people out,. the hunts are also no challange. we love the graphic in this game and atmpophere and raiding cotnent. other than that, why dont u introduce a challanging system for relic or other weapon, that does not involved grinding sillly dingens like that, make it a boss fight, or colllection of some drops that will pop NM to be beaten by a proper team or something like we had in ffxi.


please do something, this is crazy,.. i hate FFXIV Power leveling this dungen, why do i have to keep redoing it for this sillly quest

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